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"Corsairs On Deck" is avialable as a limited edition 18" x 24" Giclee of 1100 signed and numbered editions. Print Number 0001 is available upon request for $300.00. Please call to arrange the transaction.

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Jim Peters


About: " And The Word "

This is a limited edition lithograph of 1100 signed and numbered copies. It has been artfully reproduced in the ways of the old fashioned art reproductions - one color at a time. This piece is printed on 18" x 24" acid free museum quality stock. Retail price: $60.00.

Jim Peters
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This is a limited edition Giclee' of 1000 signed and numbered copies. It is 18" x 24" printed on acid free museum quality paper.
Retail price: $150.00

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Mustang Escort came about out of Jim's love for aircraft. At 5 years old Jim lived near Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. It was a place that was frequented by many famous test pilots including Chuck Yeager and Bob Hoover. The years Jim was in Dayton were the years of some of the most popular X-Planes. Jim remembers playing outside as a child and hearing sonic booms on occasion.

There exists an original crayon drawing of an airplane Jim drew at the age of 5. For some reason, it was one picture he drew that his Parents thought was important enough to hang on to - wonder that.

As Jim was growing up, it was his Dad who nurtured a growing interest in aviation. Occasional visits to the local airports sometimes payed off in a ride. Back then a common promotion was to charge a penny a pound. Jim's first airplane ride cost all of 48 cents. After a few years of riding in airplanes Jim began taking flying lessons. He first soloed a Piper Cherokee 140 on September 28th, 1978. At that point he was hooked on aviation. He also decided painting airplanes was something he wanted to do. Out of that interest came Mustang Escort....

...With the advent of the P-51 Mustang Fighter, the lack of long range bomber escort was remedied. This brought many vital German plants into effective range of the Air Force bombers, making long-range penetration a reality. "The Pawn That Changed The Game."

The P-51's documented here are somewhere over England flying high altitude cover for allied bombers on a mission deep into enemy territory. The closest three are P-51D's and the fourth is a P51B. these honorable aviators are of the 361st fighter group, 375th Squadron, United States 8th Air Force.

Mustang Escort 24" x 36" Acrylic on Canvas. This was Jim's first lithograph. Print number 001 was given to Edgar Schmued, designer of the P51. Jim has a letter from Edgar stating that this painting was a great tribute to the airplane he designed.

This is a limited edition of 950 lithograph prints soon to be closed. It is 18" x 24". Printed on 100% cotton, canvas texture, museum quality paper. This lithograph retails for $90.00


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Oil Portrait of
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Corsairs on Deck
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A4 Skyhawk
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Clean Air
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Jim Peters Paintings have been represented
as advertising for the Reno Air Races in Reno - Nevada, featured in publications such as HOT ROD and Four wheeler magazines and
been game covers for book games such as Ace of Aces JET EAGLES.

2004 Republican National Convention Official Guide
Local Color photographer captures Jim at work. Jim finished a 20 x 8 foot mural for Zion Lutheran Church

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