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"And The Word Was Made Flesh�
 is now available!  

This is a limited edition lithograph of 1100 copies signed and numbered.
The original 30� x 40� oil has been reproduced from its original size to 
18� x 24� to accommodate a special place in your home or Church. This
         finely reproduced lithograph is being printed on museum quality Patina
Matte, 100% Acid Free, 80# cover stock.
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Included with your purchase of this collectors piece is a full-color signed
certificate of authenticity describing the artists� thoughts and inspiration
for this GOD inspired work.

Retail price for "And the Word Was Made Flesh"
is $125.00. Use PayPal!!

you can send check or money order to:
 Jim Peters - Portrait Art 
7001 Interbay Blvd #156 
Tampa, FL 33616
Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

"Mustang Escort�
This lithograph is soon to be closed!

With the advent of the P-51 Mustang Fighter, the lack of long range bomber escort was remedied. This brought many vital German plants into effective range of the Air Force bombers, making long-range penetration a reality. "The Pawn That Changed The Game." The P-51's documented here are somewhere over England flying high altitude cover for allied bombers on a mission deep into enemy territory. The closest three are P-51D's and the fourth is a P51B. These honorable aviators are of the 361st fighter group, 375th squadron, United States Air Force.

One very notable feature of this piece was that Jim was able to present print #1 of Mustang Escort to Edgar Scmued the designer of the P-51. Mr. Shmued accepted graciously. Later Mr. Shmued sent a letter to Jim saying Jim's painting was a tribute to the aircraft. He mentioned that he hung it in his living room. TwoYears after the presentation Mr. Shmued passed away. Jim was invited to his funeral where the last event was to fly a squadron of P-51's over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego, California spreading the ashes of one of the worlds most ingenious designers.Mustang Escort - $90.00 Use PAYPAL!!

or send check or money order to:
Jim Peters - Portrait Art
7001 Interbay Blvd #156
Tampa, FL 33616
Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Above All - COMING SOON!




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